Following Jesus' example, OASIS Cares reaches out to the OASIS Church family and to our community. Since all Christians are called to love their neighbor, every member of OASIS is involved in some form of care. You can serve those in need by becoming involved in one of these ministries:

  1. Prayer Ministry

    Join the prayer team! These spiritually mature and compassionate intercessors minister to those in need of a touch of God. This ministry takes place at OASIS events, as well more informal settings such as hospital rooms, etc.
                       Leader: Kent Edwards

  2. Service Projects

    Looking for a way to help others? This ministry helps everyone in OASIS find a way to tangibly demonstrate their faith. Simple or complex, long term or short term, there are a wide variety of opportunities for service and helps people of similar passion connect and cooperate in their care for the community. Please prayerfully consider how you can best touch lives with the love of Christ. Click here for information about our current service project.
                       Leaders: Tom & Judy van Voorhis