What to expect

We dress and act casually, but we take God and the Bible very seriously. We are a spiritual ‘OASIS’ on Sunday mornings. Here, people learn how to love God and people by looking deeply into Scripture ... in a refreshingly clear, honest and interactive manner.

At OASIS you can ask questions, expect answers and don’t have to settle for clichés.

  • We meet around tables
  • We enjoy themed worship led by Ben Leonard that invites you into the truth of Scripture
  • We welcome your queries about the sermon on our Facebook page
  • We invite you to discuss the sermon at your table
  • We give you the opportunity to 'ask the preacher' questions that are on your mind
  • We encourage each other to live what we learn
  • We connect with others

At OASIS you will be invited to ENGAGE with God, God’s word, God’s people and our neighbors.